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A fake hero

There will always be fraudsters and fakes. During the Great War, one type was the fake hero – the deserters or general low-lifes who claimed to be decorated heroes. One of these men was apprehended at the Coliseum in London in February 1915: Lancelot Dickinson Chapman.

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Riots and hooligans

This weekend marks the anniversary of the largest outburst of anti-immigrant violence in modern British history in May 1915. The homes and businesses of Germans and people accused of being Germans were attacked in cities across England. London was one of the main sites of these shameful incidents.

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The King’s Speech, 1917

The monarch’s speech marks the start of each session of parliament. This week, Queen Elizabeth II will open a new session of parliament in one of the great ceremonies of state. Ninety-five years ago, her grandfather opened the 1917-1918 session in a ceremony that replaced the normal splendour and pageantry with sombreness khaki.

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