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Bomb damage: Cleopatra’s Needle

The scars of the bombing of the Second World War can be seen across London: in a small number of ruins left standing, some scarred buildings, and the flurry of post-war construction where buildings were lost (as in the case of Percy Gayer’s street in Pimlico). There is less sign of the German bombing campaign in the First World War, but remnants and reminders do appear: the most prominent is at Cleopatra’s Needle.

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Percy Edward Gayer: safety in music

When we read of men overseas in the armed forces, we tend to assume that they were all risking their lives all of the time.  Even the infantry spent much of their time in training or in reserves. Some men were much more fortunate, being stationed miles from the battlefields. Sergeant P.E. Gayer was one of them, combining being a musician with service in the Royal Flying Corps to stay well away from danger.

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